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Hemstitching Tutorial

 Pin stitching was originally done by hand. Drawn thread work is a form of counted-thread embroidery based on removing threads from the warp and/or the weft of a piece of even-weave fabric. The remaining threads are grouped or bundled together into a variety of patterns. The more elaborate styles of drawn thread work use in [...]

Reproduction Ayrshire Christening Gown – Part 3

I am getting very close to finished with the dress itself.  Just wanted to share this photo, with the sunlight streaming through the fabric you can really see the detail of the embroidery and how translucent the fabric is.  Looks ethereal.

Reproduction Ayrshire Christening Gown – Part 2

It is starting to look more like a dress now. I put gathered 1 inch lace edging along the 2 seam lines, but I am not sure about that, it may be too much, but I’ll have to wait until I get more completed to see if it overshadows the embroidery or if it looks [...]

Teddy’s Easter Outfit

It will be Teddy’s first easter this year.  I think he needs something special to wear to church.  I have lots of Nelona Baby Blue batiste, so I am going to make a Easter bubble for him.The first thing I set out to do was find a unique embroidery pattern that wasn’t run-of-the-mill Easter bunnies.  [...]

Natalie’s Christening Gown

  This silk dupioni christening dress was adapted from a girls dress pattern called Natalie. It was featured in Issue 135 of Sew Beautiful Magazine.     Detail of lace fancy band Bodice Detail Detail of embroidery Completed Dress

Reproduction Ayrshire Christening Gown

  While doing research for christening gowns, I ran across some photos of an antique Ayrshire christening gown. I fell in love with this beauty and have decided to try and reproduce an Ayrshire gown. Ayrshire Embroidery is hard to find, I could not find a source for any Ayrshire linens to use for the [...]

Teddy’s Christening Gown

My middle child, Lindsey, now has a son, John Theodore Ehricht. He is my newest grandchild. Initially we did not know the sex of the baby, so I could not start on a christening gown until she could find out the sex at her ultrasound appointment. When she did finally find out, I was able [...]

Hope’s Dress

  I had seen this beautiful dress on the cover of Sew Beautiful magazine and wanted to make it for a while.   I decided to make it for my oldest grandchild, Hope, knowing that she was getting too old for frilly dresses, she wants to look like a teenager, not a little girl. The [...]